‘Her-stories’ per una cultura di pace: Indigo, La tempesta al femminile di Marina Warner tra passato e futuro

by Maria Renata Dolce

This article offers a reading of Marina Warner’s novel Indigo (1992) along the
lines of Riane Eisler’s “Cultural Transformation Theory” in order to point out
the crucial role played by narrations and stories in the process of forging individual
and collective consciousness and to reflect upon the power of the creative
word in a literature of partnership. The novel, a re-writing of Shakespeare’s
The Tempest from a feminine perspective, assigns to storytellers, ancient and
modern Sybilles, the task of revealing the inextricable connections of peoples
and territories, of past and present, in order to explore wifh a contrapuntual
approach (Said 1993) those ‘shared histories’ whose awareness represents the
essential premise to build a culture of peace grounded in mutual understanding
and respect for the Other.