ALL Series

This book series crosses disciplinary boundaries in literary criticism, linguistics (theoretical and applied) and creative writing, explores complex and fast changing cultural landscapes and maps out new paths in ‘different’ territories by means of experimental, multidisciplinary, poetic and artistic studies where cultures of partnership can be developed according to the model propounded by the Partnership Studies Group (PSG). Founded in 1998 by Antonella Riem and a group of researchers, the PSG is an active community of scholars based at the University of Udine and inspired by the seminal anthropological and socio-cultural work of Riane Eisler.  
ALL, the acronym of Associazione Laureati/e in Lingue (Association of Graduates in Modern Languages) means everything and everybody: this is our starting point in an open journey of discovery. 

Editorial and Scientific Board
Editor in Chief: Antonella Riem Natale (University of Udine); Editorial Secretary: Maria Bortoluzzi (University of Udine); Paolo Bartoloni (University of Galway), Veronica Brady (†), Saumitra Chakravarty (University of Bangalore), Maria Renata Dolce (University of Salento), Riane Eisler (Centre for Partnership Studies, USA), Armando Gnisci (University of Rome 1), Nduka Otiono (Carleton University, Ottawa), Federica Pedriali (University of Edinburgh), Tom Petsinis (University of Victoria, Melbourne).
The proposals for publication in the Series are evaluated by the editorial board and independent experts.

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