Panicali Prize

Professor Anna Panicali

The Panicali prize (2010-2020) was established in 2010 by Prof. Valerio Marchetti, the Association of Language Graduates (ALL), the faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures and the University of Udine. The annual prize was named after Anna Panicali (1941-2009), who was a professor of Contemporary Italian Literature at the University of Udine since 1998 (for further biographical data, click here).

The award was meant for a master’s or Ph.D. thesis on contemporary Italian literature and contemporary literatures, or a collection of unpublished poems in the languages taught at the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures of the University of Udine (Czech, French, Friulian, English, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Serbo-Croatian, Slovenian, Spanish, German, Russian, Hungarian), selected by the Scientific Committee of the ALL Series and awarded with 1.000 (one thousand) euros (for further details details on the prize, click here).

The Awards

2010: Dr. Raphael d’Abdon

2011: Dr. Angela Giuntini

2012: Dr. Piera Braione and Dr. Maddalena Lorubbio (ex-aequo)

2013: Dr. Maria Natalia Iiriti

2014: Dr. Giulia Lepori

2015: Dr. Eleonora Goi and Dr. Giulia Tosolini (ex-aequo)

2016: Dr. Valentina Boschian Bailo

2017: Dr. Mattia Mantellato

2018: Dr. Ilaria Boato and Dr. Giorgia Salvador (ex-aequo)

2019: Dr. Cristiana Tonon

(For further details on the Awards, click here).