8 July 2006
Seminar by the South African poetess Natalia Molebatsi: Rastafari in Urban South Africa: Resistance, difference and fundamentals, with the presentation and translation by Raphael d’Abdon (ALL). Screening of the documentary “Giant Steps. An Afrocentric approach to blackness today”, which is about poetry and resistance in South Africa. Rivellino Park, Osoppo (Udine).

25 June 2006
Round table: Italia Creola: scrittrici migranti raccontano, with Armando Gnisci, Jarmila Ockayova, Laila Wadia, Melita Richter, Silvia De Marchi, and Mauro Daltin. University of Udine.

23 June 2006
Round table: Poetry, resistance and human rights with Lance Henson, Natalia Molebatsi, Muin Masri, Militant, Giuliano Giuliani, and Franco Corleone. University of Udine.

7 April 2006
International conference: Words from the Edge 2: Indigenous poets of the New World. Palazzo Antonini, University of Udine.

1-2 April 2006
Seminar entitled Il potere della donna (Woman’s power), Hernan Huarache Mamani (shaman and curandero). Villa Glori of Pradamano.

16 February 2006
Presentation of the book La donna dalla coda d’argento (The Silver-tailed Woman), edited by Hernan Huarache Mamani (shaman and curandero). Palazzo Antonini, University of Udine.

30 November – 1 December 2005
International Conference: Anam Cara: Poetry, Wisdom and Women of Peace. Palazzo Antonini, Conference Hall, University of Udine.

12 June 2005
Meeting entitled Italia Creola: scrittori migranti raccontano within the event Udine Solidale. With the participation of Armando Gnisci, Christiana de Caldas Brito, and Kossi-Komla Ebri.

17 May 2005
Luciano Cecchinel: Venetian poetry and young writers in Friuli with the participation of the debutant Giovanni Turra: Le parole abitate (Inhabited words), Canovaccio readings. University of Udine.

4 May 2005
Homage to Giorgio Caproni, a day dedicated to the famous poet with the participation of numerous poets and critics. Reading of some of his poems by Rita Maffei and Fabiano Fantini (Canovaccio readings). University of Udine.

28 April 2005
Martha Canfield: Poetry and translation, with the participation of Humberto Ak’abal, Maya poet from Guatemala (Canovaccio readings). University of Udine.

26–27 April 2005
Conference entitled Subjects on the move. Immigration and migrations among cinema, literature, art and society: An interdisciplinary reflection on the delicate issue of migration, with the participation of local bodies, Italian scholars of the field, and artists from different European and non-European countries. University of Udine.

18 April 2005
La poesia in dialetto with Nino de Vita and Franco Loi (Canovaccio readings). University of Udine.

5–7 March 2005
Sconfinando: conoscere la realtà femminile in India. (Beyond Borders: Women’s World in India). Itineraries of peace, gender, spirituality and women’s literature.

19-26 January 2005
Alessandro Grossato: Christian esotericism from its origins to the present day, in collaboration with the Faculty of Education, via Margreth, University of Udine.

14-15 December 2004
Hassan Dyck e Anusheh: Sofism from the view of the Saints: God is beautiful and loves beauty. Palazzo Antonini, University of Udine.

9 December 2004
Franca Cavagnoli: Literary translation. Palazzo Antonini, University of Udine.

30 November 2004
Lance Henson, Cheyenne poet, reads his poems and tells the stories of his people. Cheyenne Poetry. Palazzo Antonini, University of Udine.

3 November 2004
Hindu and Elizabethan Theatre in comparison. Conference by Alessandro Grossato. Palazzo Antonini, University of Udine.

16 June 2004
Un arcobaleno di Lingue in Festa, (A Rainbow of Festive Languages), organised by ALL with the collaboration of the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures of the University of Udine. Concert by Daniel Rivera, Madrassi Hall, via Gemona, Udine.

3-4-5 June 2004
Il cammino delle comete The Comet’s Path: international poetry meetings, at the Cloister and the Chapter Hall of the Convent of St. Francis, Piazza San Francesco, Pistoia.

12 May 2004
On the anniversary of the birth of the great Spanish philosopher and writer Maria Zambrano, scenic reading from her play Antigone’s Tomb. The text is adapted with musical accompaniment, choir, and voice-overs in Italian and Spanish, by Anna Panicali. Conference Hall, University of Udine.

10-11-12 May 2004
Soggetti in movimento (Moving subjects): International Festival of Literature, Cinema and Art on immigration, at Tomadini Hall and at the Pàbitelè Circle in Udine.

29 April 2004
Franca Bacchiega: On the edge of gambling. The conversation is accompanied by the young poet Andrea Muzzatti from Udine. Palazzo Antonini, University of Udine.

25 March 2004
Canovaccio readings coordinated by Prof. Anna Panicali: “The Enchantment: nursery rhymes, phono-rhythmic nenie and lullabies”. Read in the original language (Italian, Friulian, English, German, Hungarian, Spanish, French and Russian) and in Italian translation with musical accompaniment. Reading, in Friulian, of short (unpublished) texts by Novella Cantarutti. The meeting is dedicated to Andreina Stefanutti. Palazzo Antonini, University of Udine.

15 January 2004
Franca Cavagnoli: Translating post-colonial authors: David Malouf’s novels and short stories. Palazzo Antonini, University of Udine.

13 January 2004
Anna Panicali (University of Udine): In dialogue with Alda Merini’s poetry. Palazzo Antonini, University of Udine.