YELL is virtual environment where theories and practices for language teaching come together. It is a virtual space for research studies, projects and ideas of students of Primary Education, teachers, teacher educators and all those who are interested in the development of children’s language and communication.

In YELL web pages teachers of English as a second or foreign language can meet, exchange ideas, information and proposals.

YELL has the aim to establish strong collaborative links between school, university, trainee teachers, school teachers, teacher trainers and all those who care for second/foreign language learning.

YELL was born from the ideas of trainee teachers (now teachers in schools) of Teacher Education Courses of the University of Udine (Italy).

The keywords of these virtual spaces are: learning, collaboration, motivation, professional awareness and competence.

A group of teachers and trainers co-ordinates and runs YELL (see About us).  You are invited to participate in our projects and initiatives. Most of the pages can be accessed by everybody, while some sections are easily accessible for free by logging in.

The Storytelling section in the YELL website is devoted to the project Storytelling in English L2.  Here you will find initiatives, resources, materials (audio and video) and bibliographical references for the use of narration as a motivating strategy for children’s approach to English L2.

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From the YELL webpages you can enter the YELL/TELL community for teachers in the interactive platform LearnWeb. The platform is developed and run by the L3S Research Center of Leibniz University – Hannover (Germany).

YELL/TELL is an online professional community of language teachers. It is an online research environment for sharing resources and best practices for language teaching and learning. Access the YELL page Community and Resources and follow the steps to register and access the YELL/TELL community. 

To access the YELL/TELL community you need to register. Here is your first-time registration Wizard:

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Enjoy navigating and… YELL with us!