24 November 2012
Intuitive genius in communication according to ancient fairy tales 2012. Workshop and lectio magistralis by Jean Pascal Debailleul. Gusmani Hall, Palazzo Antonini. University of Udine.

November 2012 – January 2013
Creative Word: Educational, literary, and linguistic aspects of the Partnership vision. Seminars on the creative word within the PRIN research project “Creative Word and Scientistic Term” in English languages and literatures: intercultural and partnership models coordinated at the national level by Professor Antonella Riem.

24 January 2012
Meeting with Andrea Vitullo, inspirer of managers and writers: with his company “Inspire” he works in companies to inspire managers and people through the construction of rooms and spaces for reflection. His books, from Leadership Riflessive (Reflective Leadership)(Apogeo Editore, 2006; in the philosophical practices series directed by Umberto Galimberti) to Leadershithow toget rid of the mystique of leadership and make room for us in the world  (Ponte alle Grazie Editore, 2011), invite us to deal with the sense and non-sense of the word “leader” that keeps shaping the world — a world that is looking for something else… but cannot admit it yet. Conference Hall, Palazzo Antonini. University of Udine.

20 January 2012
A Native voice: creativity, sound, and dance as instruments for peace. Meeting with Victor Hugo Paz Alvarez, “Ichu”, which means “Plant that never dies” (Peru). He is a teacher, peace missionary, and the great-grandson of the Curuhuambo people, who became extinct in 1970; he works to recover his traditional culture through conferences, conventions, seminars, dances, songs, and music. Conference Hall, Palazzo Antonini. University of Udine.

18 January 2012
Presentation of the “Anna Panicali Award” and of the volume in honour of Anna Panicali: Un Tremore di Foglie. Scritti e Studi in Ricordo di Anna Panicali (A Tremor of Leaves. Writings and Studies in Memory of Anna Panicali), published by Forum Editrice. Gusmani Hall, Palazzo Antonini, University of Udine.

30 November 2011
Postcolonial Mappae Mundi. Literary mapping in Joseph Conrad, Jamaica Kincaid, Amitav Ghosh and Derek Walcott: seminar with Professor John Thieme, Professor of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing, University of East Anglia. Conference Hall, Palazzo Antonini. University of Udine

20 December 2011
Soul Making Music and the Poetic Voice: meeting with Natalia Molebatsi, artist, performer and spoken-word poet/artist. She is considered one of the most important exponents of the new African poetry, attends festivals around the world and organises numerous literary events in South Africa. She is accompanied by two musicians from the lively Friulian music scene: the multi-instrumentalist Leo Virgili and the double bass player Simone Serafini. Conference Hall, Palazzo Antonini. University of Udine.

19 December 2011
Tsitsistas creative word. We are Human Beings: meeting with Lance Henson, Tsististas (Southern Cheyenne), spokesperson for Native cultures around the world in Geneva since 1988. One of the most representative poets of contemporary American literature, he has published over 30 poetry books, which have already been translated into 25 languages; his work appears in many poetry anthologies in English. A member of the Native American Church, Dog Soldier since 1978, he has been actively involved in the fight for the rights of the Cheyenne and indigenous peoples of the world for more than 30 years. Conference Hall, Palazzo Antonini. University of Udine.

15 December 2011
The word of the philosopher and the term of the scientist. Reflections on language starting from Raimon Panikkar. Meeting with Paolo Calabrò, scholar of Raimon Panikkar’s thought, Maurice Bellet, Ivan Illich and Zygmunt Bauman. Conference Hall, Palazzo Antonini, University of Udine.

28 November 2011
Translation and cultural hybridism in Salman Rushdie’s masterpiece Midnight’s Children. Meeting with Franca Cavagnoli, professor of translation (ISIT and State University of Milan), writer and translator of some of the most important English language writers (David Malouf, Toni Morrison, V. S. Naipaul, J. M. Coetze, W. S. Burroughs). Caiselli Hall, University of Udine.

13 December 2010
The ecological vision of Native Americans. Meeting with Professor Victor Hugo Pez Alvarez, “Ichu”. University of Udine.

6 December 2010
A world of Storytelling: Meeting the poet Tsitsistas (Cheyenne) Lance Henson. University of Udine.

5-6 November 2010
International conference: Romance writing in English literature. Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures of the University of Bari.

22-23 April 2010
International ConferenceIdentities in Transition in the English-Speaking Word. Alpine Adriatic Anglistics Meeting 2010. University of Udine.

8 March 2010
Meeting on South Africa: introduction by Marie Antoinette Saracino; with the participation of Sindiwe Magona and Silvia Amodio; reading of poems by Natalia Molebatsi. Conference Hall, Palazzo Antonini, University of Udine.