Poets From the Frontier

In accordance with the topic used over past years within the creative and partnership word, this new project, entitled Poets from the FrontierALL, in collaboration with the Partnership Studies Group, aims at creating a prize, which can hopefully be awarded year after year. The prize aims at assessing and enhancing poetic expression and creative writing, with the aim of traversing interdisciplinary borders, exploring complex and mutable landscapes, tracing paths in ‘different’ territories, from local to global, in order to achieve an experimental multidisciplinary, poetic and artistic laboratory, where a caring and partnership culture may be cultivated, according to the principles proposed by the Partnership Studies Group. Since poetry expresses itself in different languages and suggestive forms, like the multi-coloured tiles of a mosaic, the prize is also intended for other ‘arts’, such as figures of the constant presence of the humane, indelible traces of a route where being and becoming meet, iridescent and magical textures of spiritual and artistic itineraries, as in the Songlines of Aboriginal Australians, or other ‘singers of boundaries’. Poetry, in particular that of minority languages, is often a song with manifold voices, narrating stories of strength, courage and great love for one’s roots, language, tradition and culture.

Parallel to the literary dimension, poetry enacts a series of different functions that go from the representation of identity, to educational practices, to shamanic rituals for the community. The prize intends to promote a new awareness of these multiple roles and meanings of poetry in our contemporary world. It aims at valorising figures of poets and artists who operate across borders, among different practices, genres, cultures, and who recover artistic forms which are menaced or have disappeared, who experiment by taking poetry into new territories, or bringing it ‘home’ from places which may seem far away.

The prize will be awarded for the internationally renowned activity of scholars, artists or poets of recognised merit, whose work embodies an open and bold interdisciplinary vision from a cultural, literary, poetic, linguistic and scientific point of view.

The prize will be awarded according to the undisputable evaluation of an international Commission expressly established and chaired by Prof. Antonella Riem, University of Udine, Italy. The Commission is thus composed: Honorary Professor Sue Ballyn University of Barcellona, Spain, Prof. Franco Cardini, Emeritus Professor of Medieval History, Institute of Social and Human Sciences, Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy; Professor Emerita Coral Ann Howells, University of Reading United Kingdom; Prof. Anselmo Paolone, University of Udine, Italy.

The prize may be bestowed also in further editions to internationally renowned scholars, artists and poets.