Le Simplegadi

On-line academic journal of the Association of Alumni in Modern Languages and Literatures (ALL), University of Udine

It is the first scientific journal in the field of humanities at the University of Udine and is rated “Class A” by Anvur (Italian National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institutes).

Le Simplegadi began publication in 2003. The journal seeks to disseminate research in modern languages and literatures, particularly anglophone. The publication is open to innovative contributions which can promote ‘equalitarian’ and collaborative principles and practices towards individuals, societies, literatures and cultures from a multiplicity of points of view (hybridisation of languages and literatures, migrant writing, intercultural and transcultural identities and subjectivities, post-colonial studies, subaltern studies, and related areas). The main aim is to foster critical resistance towards hegemonic and hierarchical models of culture, and positively promote, as viable alternatives, discourse practices of partnership and mutuality.

Le Simplegadi is an open access journalDOAJ approved in recognition of the high level of openness, best practice and high publishing standards.

The journal is included in ERIHPlusAUSTLITHarvardGIGAGoogle ScholarSherpa/roMEO.

Antonella Riem

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