June 2018- May 2019:  Storytelling in English L2 for young learners and adolescents in informal contexts of acquisition is a partnership between the University of Udine and the Municipal Library V. Joppi of Udine (Italy). The project focuses on helping children improve their competences in English L2 through narration in the interaction with expert adults and/or other children. The initiative Let’s Tell a Tale, storytelling activities in English for children from 4 to 8 years old in the local libraries of Udine area, is part of the project: this year the main theme of narrations and storytelling activities is Nature and Ecology. Through picture books for children, storytellers will promote behaviors and practices respectful of nature and environment. They will approach themes which are relevant to inform, educate and inspire children to respect and protect our natural world, and encourage them to become stewards of the environment in which we live. To more information on the initiatives and the project, visit the Storytelling page in the  YELL blog or follow @LetsTellaTale2 on Twitter.


September 2018: The Partnership Studies Ecolinguistics Circle (PSEC) of the University of Udine is funded. It is a research group of students, researchers and lecturers interested in ecolinguistics. The Circle is part of the broader Partnership Studies Group.

The PSEC of Udine is involved in different strands of ecolinguistics.  Ecolinguistics can be broadly defined as the field investigating ‘the role of language concerning the environment (in its biological/ecological sense)’ (Fill, 2018: 3).  Ecolinguistics includes studies about the sustainability of language diversity, language loss and maintenance in a globalized world, how languages contribute to shaping our view of the environment and the role of language and discourse in addressing key ecological issues.


Cari/e amici e amiche di Echoes of Ecologies

Vi invitiamo a visionare il primo trailer del film etnografico YUYOS

An ethnographic film by Michał Krawczyk and Giulia Lepori

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Seminari di Partnership

primavera 2017

Programma seminari di anglistica

Incontri aggiuntivi Anglistica di Partnership

Convegno internazionale

Living together on this earth:
Eco-sustainable narratives and environmental concerns in English literature/s

19 – 21 Aprile 2017

Sala Gusmani – Palazzo Antonini – Via Petracco – Università di Udine 

Programma convegno internazionale

Call for papers

29 aprile 2017 – Ambiente, da Udine un appello alla tutela – Messaggero Veneto